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Talent management in times of crisis

Leaders that were able to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic successfully are, by definition, resilient. Organisational bureaucracy has been replaced by clear goals, focused teams and rapid decision making, and leaders have a role to play in ensuring that the change sticks and becomes the next business as usual. In the initial phase of the pandemic, leadership focus has been on safety whilst fostering connectivity during uncertain times, followed by maintaining morale and productivity for remote workers and implementing a successful restart. Those leadership responses were based on circumstances no one ever faced before. Forward six months, leaders now need to focus on developing a stro

How can leaders support employees’ mental health?

10th October marked the World Mental Health Awareness day. Now more than ever, mental health is of essential importance as the pandemic has created spikes in stress, anxiety and uncertainty, both for leaders and employees. Even if we haven’t been directly impacted by the virus, we are all dealing with added stress levels, whether we acknowledge it or not, and the long-term effects of the pandemic are likely to remain even when the crisis is over. Authentic leadership Successful organisations are built on their ability to be agile and resilient in times of change, and this is where compassionate and authentic leadership makes a difference. Research shows that authentic leadership can cultivat

How to use leadership storytelling

Storytelling is a trainable skill that enhances a leader’s presence, drives motivation and performance. We are all naturally wired to tell stories through our decisions and behaviours, as well as wired to read into the behaviours of those around us. Stories are a universal language that everyone can understand. They stimulate imagination and passion and create a sense of community among listeners and tellers alike. Neuroscience research confirms that irrespective of the way we present the story – words, gestures, or pictures – our brains create connections with the specific people and their feelings in the story. This connection is much more impactful compared to facts and data and our memor


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