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Attracting and retaining Generation Z talent

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to managing a multi-generational workforce. With multiple generations working alongside each other, leaders need to develop a deep understanding of what drives motivation and engagement across multiple generations to be able to create talent strategies to promote the acquisition, engagement and retention of all generations in the workplace. Understanding the differences Generation Z, the youngest generation of employees representing those born after 1997, are known for their entrepreneurial spirit and technological sophistication. They value earning power and the opportunity to pursue multiple career paths at once – often moving around wit

Fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace

We live in a connected global world and it’s no surprise that more diverse organisations are better positioned to achieve increased performance. However, having a balance of gender, ethnicity and ages doesn’t automatically result in inclusivity. Most business leaders understand that having a diverse workforce is important to succeed in global markets, however creating an environment where people can be who they are, that values their unique talents and perspectives and makes them want to stay could be a challenge. To unlock the talent potential and reap the rewards of diversity, culture change needs to happen first. While specific HR policies are important, diversity and inclusion also needs

Improving your organisation’s decision making

Making good decisions is one of the most important habits that we can develop. Whilst most of our daily decisions are minor and made instinctively, many can have serious consequences, not only for us, but also for others. Even great leaders can make bad decisions. Some of them due to poor timing, bad luck, but mostly due to cognitive and behavioural factors. Risk is an inescapable part of every decision and to make good decisions, leaders and businesses must be able to calculate and manage these risks. The best and worst times for decision makers The access to data, advanced analytics and algorithms provide decision makers with powerful new inputs for making decisions. On the other hand, the


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