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Building trust through authentic leadership

Successful leaders focus on the impact they have on others instead of focusing on themselves, and create a culture that drives employee behaviour in their absence. Authentic leaders who supported their workforces during the crisis have demonstrated their leadership skills and reliability, and as the focus shifts from public health to individual organisational recoveries, it is critical to build on that trust. As we enter the recovery phase of the pandemic, leaders now have an even more compelling reason to strengthen their connections with employees. Addressing their emotions of anxiety, grief and uncertainty in the workplace is the foundation required to rebuild organisational health, produ

Leading on the road to recovery

Following the initial shock and effort to save companies, protect employees and keep supply chains moving, leaders are now setting off on the journey to the next normal, despite many unknowns ahead. Many organisations simply cannot continue to operate the same way they have in the past. What made them successful historically may no longer be possible during and after the crisis, as buying habits have changed and operations may need to be restructured to deal with increased cautionary measures. According to a recent McKinsey survey of more than 200 organisations from various industries, over 90 percent of executives said that they expect the fallout from Covid-19 to fundamentally change the w

Driving employee engagement during crisis

The pandemic has been the ultimate leadership test. To weather the crisis, leaders had to quickly adapt, both professionally and personally, to manage the sudden shutdown of the global economy, without any pre-warning or training. And once the crisis is over, leaders will be remembered for their actions during the pandemic, so to pass the challenging leadership test, they need to be mindful of their actions and words. The current crisis has made it very clear that some factors are outside of the leaders’ control, however there are many factor that they can control, such as responding to the pandemic in ways that show their employees that they care. Rising engagement levels According to Gallu

Diversity and inclusion during uncertain times

As leaders and businesses continue to confront the disruption caused by the pandemic and navigate an economically and socially viable path towards the new normal, there is a risk that diversity and inclusion may now recede as a strategic business priority for many organisations. Naturally, this is driven by a focus on the most pressing business survival needs, including safety measures and productivity, as well as the physical and mental wellbeing of the employees. However, while diversity and inclusion might be at risk, they are critical for business recovery and resilience. Diversity and inclusion matters Unless organisations consciously focus on advancing diversity and fostering inclusion

Leading the way back to work

Never in the modern history have people been asked to stay at home, stop travel and maintain social distance on a global level. Neither have we seen such an impact on the job market and the economy in a short period of time. But as we adapt and learn to live with the current status quo, leaders now face the next challenging step on their leadership journey – getting their teams back to work. During the pandemic, entire countries have been shut, turning remote working into a new standard as workers who were able to work from home have been encouraged to stay at home to prevent the spreading of the virus. The closing of the physical doors and shutting of offices has led to many new virtual doo


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