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Authentic leadership in uncertain times

The current crisis is forcing leaders to make bold decisions, whilst providing direction, guidance and reassurance on an unclear path. Balancing all the aspects requires slowing down and being flexible to give employees the opportunity to deal with the newly faced challenges. It is also an opportunity to create a deeper connection with people and their work. Take care of business by taking care of people The role of the leader during a crisis is to bring their teams into the uncertain future with confidence and prepared for the post-crisis business as usual. Research suggests that leaders who put people ahead of the bottom line during a crisis tend to weather storms better. Those who view th

Empowering teams during a crisis

During a crisis, a top-down response can be destabilising for businesses. As leaders face challenges that are unfamiliar and uncertain, a close group of top executives cannot collect all the required information and make rapid decisions quickly enough to respond effectively. Leadership teams who set and communicate clear priorities for the response and empower their teams to discover and implement solutions can better mobilise their organisation and adapt to the new status quo. A crisis cannot be solved by one person alone A crisis is a crisis because it is causing an existential threat to the organisation and it is not going to be solved by one person alone. Top level leaders are natural co

Driving team motivation and engagement

For most leaders globally, leading remote teams is the new norm. Over the last few weeks, they had to rapidly change their team’s work arrangements, ensuring that they had the relevant technology, processes and tools in place to work effectively from home. But having the right set up is only the first step in ensuring that people stay engaged and motivated whilst working from home. Adapting to the new business as usual Naturally, remote productivity is mixed. Some will see increased level of productivity and motivation, and others might feel less motivated and focus more on tactical work, rather than adapting to solve new problems that the business might be facing. Uncertain times mean that

Building leadership resilience

The current crisis is quickly overtaking any recent epidemic that we have experienced in the past, and in addition to the human impact, it’s causing a significant economic damage. Naturally, this is causing a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety, and leaders globally are rightly concerned about their businesses and employees. Every business, industry and region is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ leadership solution to the current situation, but the one skill that can be essential to manage and respond to the crisis is resilience. Resilient leaders who are empathetic and genuine, and able to walk in their team’s and customer’s shoes are those who lead not just with their heads,


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