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Conducting employee performance reviews remotely

How do you evaluate employee performance when they have been working remotely for months under extremely difficult circumstances filled with uncertainty? Working from home is likely to remain the new norm for the foreseeable future, and leaders now need to rethink how they conduct performance reviews as the new working arrangements might require more frequent and less formal reviews to drive engagement and motivation. Work and life have changed significantly, so it would be unfair to judge employees purely based on pre-Covid objectives. Instead, leaders need to also consider looking at their employee’s capacity to adapt, be resilient and empathetic during the pandemic. As circumstances are d

Leadership in the era of remote working

The majority of office workers have spent the past four months exclusively at home, and latest research now suggests that more than two-thirds of them believe they can be at least as productive as in the office. Organisations globally are now looking at introducing a hybrid model combining working from home with time in the office, not only to retain employees, but also for cost savings reasons. A hybrid working model will also mean less time spent on commuting. Take the example of the average Londoner who spends an hour and 20 minutes getting to and from work. According to an analysis of official statistics by the Trades Union Congress, if they worked from home instead, they would save 297

Accelerated change leadership

Covid-19 has brought a fundamental change in leadership in many organisations. The lack of a road map for a crisis like Covid-19 has left leaders to manage their response mostly by relying on their existing skills and personality traits. Many leaders who stood out during the pandemic have shifted from a demand and control approach to building a culture of winning teams, with a focus on communication to build trust and continuously linking their actions to the future of their organisations. Organisations are now moving to fewer meetings and less PowerPoint, and more non-mission-critical decisions are being delegated, so that the senior leadership team can focus on fewer decisions. Under the n

Employee wellbeing during Covid-19

Whilst leaders are experienced in leading through change, those experiences can’t compare to the scale and uncertainty levels of the current pandemic, which is affecting the most important element of any organisation – it’s people. With the focus on keeping employees safe, the impact of Covid-19 on mental health is equally critical and the leadership team’s attention or lack of it will have a long-lasting impact on the organisation, as well as reputational consequences. There is much more to employee wellbeing than physical wellness or happiness. According to a recent Gallup research high wellbeing equates to a life well-lived across five critical elements – career, social, physical, financi


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