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Increasing personal and team productivity

In today’s fast paced, competitive environment, productivity is a critical element to individual and organisational growth. However, research suggests that only 26% of people leave the office having accomplished the tasks that they had planned for the day. It’s not uncommon to feel busy all day, and to look back to realise that important tasks remain unfinished. According to a recent Workforce View in Europe 2018 report involving a sample of 10,000 employees in key European markets, a fifth of respondents say that they reach maximum productivity at work “some of the time” and one in ten employees are “rarely or never” able to be at their most productive. The UK, followed by Germany appear to

Managing a multi-generational workforce

There are currently five different generations working alongside each other in the workplace, from the silent generation to Generation Z. As people work longer and delay retirement, just as younger generations are taking on their first jobs, different generations coexist in a workplace and it’s not uncommon that a younger employee is managing someone older. On one hand this represents a significant opportunity for businesses who get access to a wealth of knowledge and experience together with fresh perspectives, however blending these diverse groups into productive teams can be challenging. The differences between generations are real, but it’s important to see past the stereotypes. Some beh

Managing difficult people

Dealing with difficult situations and people in the workplace is challenging, however it pays off. Not only can it improve your own work, it also creates a better environment for your team when you address the problems a difficult co-worker might be causing for others. The truth is, you won’t get along with everyone you work with, but as a leader you are in a position to mitigate the damage difficult co-workers can cause. When you are dealing with your challenging tam members, consider these five practical steps to improve working relationships and performance: 1. Identify the reasons why they are difficult Dealing with difficult people at work starts with self-awareness, so ask yourself if


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