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5 traits of an inspirational leader

One of the most important leadership responsibilities is to inspire and motivate a team to achieve great things. An inspirational leader can help their team members reach their full potential and produce outstanding results. But how can one become an example to their team?

1. They lead by example

An inspirational leader leads by example. This means setting high standards for yourself and holding yourself accountable for your actions. Your team members will look to you for guidance and direction, so it's important to demonstrate the behaviours and values that you want to see in your team. If you want your team to be hardworking, dedicated, and committed, you must be hardworking, dedicated, and committed yourself.

2. They communicate effectively

Communication is essential to ensure that employees remain motivated, excited about their career growth and able to see the bigger picture. Team members should feel they can approach their leader with any questions, concerns, or ideas. Leaders should also be able to communicate their vision, goals, and expectations clearly and concisely. This will help the team members understand what the leader wants to achieve and how they can contribute to the success of the team.

3. They build trust

The more we trust someone and act accordingly, the more likely they are to trust us in return and therefore to increase trust within the organisation, leaders need to shift their focus to show their own trustworthiness. An inspirational leader earns the trust and respect of their team members. This translates into being honest, transparent, and fair in dealing with any issues that arise. A great leader should also be willing to listen to their team’s feedback and consider their opinions when making decisions.

4. They foster a culture of psychological safety

When employees understand how their individual contribution helps advance goals they support and find meaningful, they will feel more engaged, motivated, and likely to perform at a high level. However, creating psychological safety in a workplace can be challenging and takes commitment. The reason is that it is natural for people to hold back ideas, be reluctant to ask questions, and shy away from disagreeing with their manager. But achieving high levels of performance relies on integrating the ideas and expertise of multiple people, which requires a willingness to speak openly in a timely manner.

5. They celebrate success and learn from failure

Inspirational leaders celebrate the successes of their team members and the team as a whole. This means recognising their achievements and acknowledging their hard work and dedication. They are willing to learn from failure and use it as an opportunity for growth and development, encouraging their team members to learn from their mistakes and use them as stepping stones to future success. Leaders who find ways to link individual aspirations with organisational goals are the ones who can maximise their team’s talent and skills and make them feel recognised and rewarded for their individual contributions.

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