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Authentic leadership – creating trust and driving motivation

Authentic leaders are shaped by their experiences – both positive and negative and have the ability to create positive team environment where mistakes are seen as part of the learning journey. They recognise and appreciate the impact of their mistakes and take ownership of their failures, without shifting the blame, which in return sets the right example for their teams. Employees remember the outcomes, not the words and they need to be confident that their leaders support the organisations’ mission and vision and cares about how these directly affect them on an individual level. A mismatch between beliefs and action can result in declining team morale, motivation and productivity. Creating

Breaking down the stigma about mental health at work

Despite the fact that mental health conditions cost US companies over 200 million workdays and $16.8 billion lost in productivity, the stigma surrounding mental health still makes it a topic people avoid talking about in the workplace. In fact, employees who take time off as a result of stress often name a different reason such as a headache to hide their condition from their colleagues and managers. What’s even more alarming is that according to the recent Mental Health at Work study 80% of US employees with a mental health condition report that shame and stigma prevent them from seeking treatment. Mental health is not just a personal concern, it’s a wider business issue that needs to be ad

Building a pipeline of leadership talent

Identifying, developing and retaining leadership talent is vital to a long-term health and success of any business. Businesses are built by people and it is great talent that gives businesses a competitive advantage. Leadership development starts with understanding the individual and their developmental needs, as they change over the course of their career. It is every leader’s responsibility to develop the next generation of leaders through coaching, mentoring and growth opportunities, building a work environment that creates a sense of ownership, involvement and accelerates learning and development. By focusing on leaders at all levels, businesses can create a clear link between individual


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