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Managing remote teams

According to a recent research by Harvard Business School, companies that allow their employees to decide where and when they want to work increase productivity, reduce staff turnover and cost. Prior research focused on the productivity effects of working from home, but the ‘working from anywhere’ concept offers a new level of flexibility and can be beneficial for both businesses and employees. Flexible and remote work arrangements are becoming increasingly popular, however they also come with challenges as remote teams often feel lonely and isolated. A study of 2000 employees and managers globally discovered that two-thirds of remote workers aren’t engaged and more than a third never get an

Learning – the key for leadership success

Albert Einstein once said that failure is success in progress. In his understanding, strengths didn’t just happen to people, they needed to be developed. As a child Einstein showed slow progress in speaking and writing, and his family believed that he might be mentally disabled. Next, he was expelled from school and when he eventually finished university, he was the only one who didn’t land a teaching position. However, Einstein believed that his skills could be developed, and he didn’t let failures hold him back – as we know, he went on to revolutionise physics, and won a Nobel Prize a few years later. The curious mind Our brains are designed for development and learning. While some skills

Learning to delegate

The shift from doing to leading is one of the most difficult transitions for new leaders. The meaning of the word delegate is to entrust or to assign responsibility – it’s about empowering the other person to do something however, leaders often confuse delegation with asking their teams to get things done on their behalf. There are many reasons leaders avoid delegating – some are perfectionists who don’t trust someone else will do the task well, others lack self-confidence, and some are simply worried that they might be upstaged by their team members. Whatever the reasons, the first step to delegating is for leaders to accept that they can’t do everything themselves. From delegating to coach


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