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How the heatwave is impacting productivity

The heatwaves in the UK, US and across Europe are already creating transportation chaos and public health threats, and with temperatures hitting record highs, productivity levels are also taking a hit. Research from the Office of Scientific and Technical Information suggests that overall output drops by 2% for every degree over 25 Celsius and it is estimated that in 2017, 153 billion hours of labour were lost compared to 2000, as a result of the hot weather. A report from the International Labour Organization estimates that in 2030, 2.2% of total working hours worldwide will be lost because of higher temperatures. In addition, growing heat stress on workers in agriculture and other sectors w

How to manage conflict in the workplace

High performing teams are not afraid to disagree. Disagreements at work are healthy and inevitable, as constant change requires a constant debate. Conflict should not be seen as a source of stress, but as an opportunity for growth and strong working relationships, yet many organisations and leaders are so focused on creating a happy workforce that they try to avoid conflict either by suggesting that uncomfortable matters are “taken offline” or by being afraid to say ‘no’ to anyone. Avoiding conflict, however means tolerating poor performance, increased workloads, stress levels and resentment and can be harmful in the long term. But it’s not just about the negative effect on team morale – avo

How to get demotivated employees back on track

At some point in their career, every manager will face a team member with decreased motivation levels and it can be very frustrating to see people being disengaged from their work and unproductive, often spreading the negativity amongst their fellow team members. Motivation accounts for 40 percent of the success of team projects and is a key driver of individual and team performance, yet many managers are often struggling to effectively motivate uninspired employees. According to a global Harvard survey of over 1000 companies and 1.2 million employees in over 80 percent of cases employee motivation declines six months after starting a job, meaning that whilst employees feel enthusiastic and


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