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Avoiding the multitasking trap

If you met someone at a social event whose eyes were constantly moving around the room or if they were repeatedly checking their phone during the conversation, would they make a good impression or make you want to speak to them again? Probably not. However, if you met someone who is fully attentive and actively engaged to the conversation, you are much more likely to find them interesting and likeable. A common misconception Contrary to a popular belief, multitasking is not an effective way to get things done. Our brains are not wired to do two cognitive tasks at the same time, instead we move rapidly between tasks and when we are doing one, we are not fully aware of the other. Multitasking

How to manage stress and build resilience

According to the Mental Health At Work Report, 60% of employees in the UK have experienced mental health issues due to work or where work was a related factor, and 31% have been formally diagnosed with a mental health issue. However, only 24% of managers have received training in mental health. The stress effect When young star in the finance world António Horta-Osório was appointed to become one of the youngest of Britain’s Big Five bank CEOs, heading Lloyds Banking Group, his arrival meant significant hope for the bank which was facing a number of challenges at the time. He worked tirelessly, often logging ninety-hour weeks, to turn the bank around. Eight months later, he announced that he

Creative leadership and the growth mindset

In today’s innovation driven economy, ideas are valuable assets. Research suggests that creativity is one of the top leadership competencies, and those who have creative ideas, recognise good ideas and are open to them, are better leaders. Yet, according to a recent PwC survey, 77% of CEOs struggle to find the creativity and innovation skills they need – because in the era of AI, creativity is still a human quality that can’t be automated. Coming up with creative ideas and concepts requires bold thinking, but creative leadership is not just about having a lone creative leader at the top. It’s about igniting collective creativity from the bottom up, because creative leaders excel at creating


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