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How to create a culture of creative problem solving

For leaders in any business function, creative thinking and problem solving are essential to drive growth, foster innovation and manage change. A recent research identified creativity and innovation as top critical success factors not only for organisations, but also for leaders and their teams. Both creativity and innovation are generated by human talent and no matter how advanced your processes and systems are, it’s the creative confidence and drive of the people, as well as their collective intelligence that will boost your company’s bottom line performance and take it to the next level. Establishing cognitive diversity When leaders fail to foster high quality interactions within a team,

How to recruit the right people

Business success is directly linked to the calibre of people involved. Selecting the wrong team can be costly, in terms of reputation as well as time and money. For any business, putting the right team in place is vital – in fact it can be the difference between success and failure. But the recruitment process can be a minefield as it’s expensive, time consuming and often frustrating. Before you even begin the recruitment process, it’s essential to consider what type of person you’re looking to hire. There’s more than meets the eye to this. You need to start by looking at your own company as your employer brand is vital to successfully finding the right candidate. Demonstrate what your compa

How to develop productive working relationships

The ability to develop productive relationships and recognise the potential for conflict is an essential skill. When it comes to conflict, most of us have a default approach – we either tend to avoid it or seek it out. Neither style is better or worse and whilst we all have a preferred style, it’s impossible to avoid or seek out conflict all the time. More likely, we adjust our style to the context, the people involved and the situation in our work place. Disagreements at work are healthy. And they are inevitable as constant change requires a constant debate. In a perfect world, we would deal with conflict in a logical way like adults and just get on with it. However, we are not only logical


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